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Nicole Galisteu

Age 20

5 Jan 2013
Curitiba, Paraná (Brazil)

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Nicole Galisteu
Nicole Galisteu [photo:]

Nicole was on a night out at a club when three men propositioned her. When they discovered that she was not a cisgender woman, they killed her.

The 20-year-old [trans woman] [deadname] Generoso, also known as “Nicole Galisteu”, was murdered last Sunday (5) in the Santa Cândida neighborhood after the men who were meeting her discovered that Galisteu was not a [cisgender] woman. The information was passed by the Homicide Police of Curitiba (DH) on Tuesday (8). According to the expert, three suspects of involvement in the crime were arrested and despite claiming to be innocent the evidence confirms their participation.

“They went out in a club and two of their friends started making fun of one of them by saying they were kissing a man. When they saw that he really was a transvestite, they took the gun from the house and killed Bruno Galisteu because of this, ”said Chief Officer Rubens Recalcatti of DH.

One of them became interested in Nicole; The two of them exchanged kisses, but a macho man noticed she was [transgender]. At this point, the (usual) game that allows the perpetuation of male domination began. Rather than drawing the straight-male friend's attention to the fact that he was interested in a [trans woman], the pack took a step in restoring his "softness." There is nothing wrong with a straight man being attracted to a trans woman, wanting and kissing her. Male chauvinistic codes of conduct, however, require men who claim the label of heterosexuality to be ready to do anything, to commit any brutality or insanity to prove their masculinity.

Anything at all, even premeditating murder, as Nicole's murderers did. Two of them went home for a weapon while the third distracted the [trans woman] and ensured that she would not leave the club. When they returned, they continued to act as if nothing had happened and offered to take her home, on the way they got her out of the car, shot 7 times at her, then drove the car over her body. The press boasted that Nicole was murdered because she was "mistaken for a woman." Almost a defense of the "prerogative" of male domination to "wash honor with blood" when "deceived". Cheap terrorism to intimidate [trans women], so they are afraid of exactly what they are: women.

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