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Noemí Guadalupe Estrada Sánchez

Age 19 (born 25 Feb 1993)

1 Feb 2013
Zapopan, Jalisco (Mexico)

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Noemí Guadalupe Estrada Sánchez

Noemí was shot in the head and chest in a motel room.

Her mother tells that that night Noemí left wearing a black skirt and the rest red: blouse, moccasin shoes and her favorite jacket. Hours later, the residents of Lomas del Paraíso knocked on his door to offer their condolences because the note of the homicide was broadcast on television. According to the police, in the garage of room 55 of the Aruba motel lay the thin body of a "young man in his 20s dressed as a woma". It had two bullet wounds, in the thorax and in the skull. In her hands she had a screwdriver. Around, several nine millimeter caps. The assailant fled in a blue Tsuru and tore down the entry and exit gates. The establishment's security cameras picked up the license plates of the car, but the killer is still free. The case was filed.

Noemí would have been 20 on 25th February. Her family and friends celebrated her birthday with a mass and taquiza, just as she planned. His mother cried with indignation:

"The authorities told me that they discovered that my son was not a woman and that perhaps it was a settling of accounts. I asked for the security video and her cell phone (from Guadalupe) but they told me that both were confidential. They did not want to give me even their jacket, because that was going to the garbage for hygiene reasons. They only told me that they would call me as soon as they knew something. "

She knows that Noemí's case is not the only one and understands that justice does not lie with the poor. "As a mother, you realize when your children may be involved in something like prostitution, but all I ask is to know who and why they killed her. To ask for justice is already too much, because here the winner is the one who has money," she concludes, and shows the last photo taken.

Trans women are often victims of sexual crimes. According to the Citizens Commission Against Hate Crimes for Homophobia (CCCCOH), after Brazil, Mexico is the Latin American country with the most deaths for that reason and Jalisco is the fifth state in the country with the most homicides of that type, with 58 cases from 1995. "But if we do not pute, we do not swallow. Leaving prostitution is the most difficult because job opportunities are limited even for heterosexuals, "intervenes La Pancha.

In general, they move as a group. Many times they have thrown stones, oranges and glass bottles. The aggressions come mainly from men: neighbors of the colony, policemen, taxi drivers and the consumers of their services:

"The real risk is when it comes to getting into the customer's car, because you do not know if you will come back alive. If they ask you to kneel and point a gun at you, as in my case, you can say that you did well. But every time we are less the ones who left alive. If you manage to get out of the service, you have to face a final challenge: the taxi drivers, who often ask for a sexual service in exchange for getting on, "says Miranda, 21, who is called Britney because of her blonde hair.

They joke safe when they say that to avoid danger they would like to put a fruit stand even if they did not sell anything. They laugh when imagining offering churritos and salchipulpos in the corner, because what they want is to start a salon. They build that dream every time they put on makeup, but when they get going, they know that tapping on the street is the only real way out.

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