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Age 33

3 Mar 2013
Embu das Artes, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Stephany’s body was found lying on the floor half naked and with signs of strangulation and multiple lesions in the ears, head, chest, face and arms.

A 33-year-old [trans woman] was found dead in central Embu das Artes. The [victim], known as Stephanie, was lying half-naked on the floor, wearing only thigh-length panties and a bra. She had apparent strangulation marks and several injuries to the ears, head, chest, face and arms.

When the military police arrived at the scene Stephanie was already dead. The suspicion is that she was a victim of homophobia. She did programs at the Paraná gas station, located at Km 280 of Régis Bittencourt, along with other [trans women]. One witness said one of the parking lot staff - who lives in a house at the back of the property - had thrown a "party" which three other [trans women] also attended.

The official named by the witnesses was described as a stranger and drug user. The property where he lives was locked with padlocks, so the parking lot manager came to the place with the keys and confirmed that the suspect is her employee.

When the parking gate opened, the military police found several bloodstains on the floor. There was a lot of blood inside the house, especially in the bedroom, where there were also used condoms, a bloodstained earring, a cocaine pin, a rope, a crowbar (which appeared to have been washed recently) and a cloth, with a lot of blood, wrapped in cord form. The house had been cleaned recently, as it was partially wet.

The parking lot manager stated that the suspect's family lives in Guarujá, and that he has a girlfriend who visits him frequently. Some correspondence on Bruno's behalf was seized by the expert, along with the objects found in the room. The case is still under investigation by the civil police of the Embu das Artes Police Station.

Stephany was reportedly a director of an LGBT group named DIVERSITAS:

I met Stephany weeks before that happened. She was an old friend of one of the directors of DIVERSITAS. The case is unfortunate and revolting. Stephany's memory stays in our hearts as an incentive to keep the fight alive. I hope this will provoke the reflection of the people and governments who do not find the LGBT movement necessary. I need to register my thanks, respect and admiration for the team of Portal O Taboanense, for the seriousness, sensitivity and competence in elaborating this subject respecting the gender identity of our dear Stephany. Long live the LGBT movement to spare the blood of our dead by intolerant and inhuman homophobia. STEPHANY PRESENT!

TvT partner organization: Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 13.03.2013

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