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Ms Wanda

28 May 2013
Tampa, Florida (USA)

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Ms Wanda
Ms Wanda [photo:]

Ms Wanda was shot five times by a man who knocked on the door of a friend's home when she was there on 28th May.

According to Tampa police Tolliver, 23, was one of three suspects who arrived in a dark colored Dodge Magnum at 3911 East Genessee St where Lee was staying to care for a sick friend.

Consummate performer: 'I'm a comedian. Don't sit in the front row if you don't want to be picked on. I'm different. There's nobody on the Beach like me,' Anthony Lee told the Miami New Times in '98

The Miami New Times said Lee was cooking dinner at his friend's house the night of May 28 when a suspect knocked at the door.

Lee opened the door and was shot five times at point blank range. Police believe it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

According to Bay News 9, police think the house was targeted, but it is unclear if the bullet was meant for someone else, or if the case was a botched home invasion.

Ms Wanda was a fixture on the Florida drag scene and also went by the names Anthony Lee and South Beach Wanda.

Deandre Tolliver, 23, was arrested for first-degree murder and armed robbery in Lakeside the same day she was put to rest. His two accomplices are still at large.

Wanda performed her swansong at Hamburger Mary's the Thursday before last.

King [her friend] said Wanda's career was long and successful, with gigs up and down the country. She first worked for King in 1991, and the two formed a close friendship over the years.

Wanda was known for her Whitney Houston obsession, snarky one-liners and outrageous antics including donning a dress made of tampons and jumping into a pool.

'She was very funny, hanging from the rafters and swinging, having fun. She impersonated Whitney Houston, wore balloons instead of a bra. When she was in the show, it was a show of her own,' said King.

At Thursday's fundraiser, a dozen fellow drag queens performed. Each began their performance with their fondest memory of Wanda, which was often of a memorable insult Wanda had thrown their way.

'We just want justice to be done,' said Power Infiniti, a fellow drag queen whose first meeting with Lee involved being laughed at.

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