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Gary Gómez Bastida

6 Jun 2013
Tepeji, Hidalgo (Mexico)

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Gary Gómez Bastida
Gary Gómez Bastida [photo:]

Gary was a lawyer who worked in the Prosecutor's Office of the Attorney General's Office. Her body was found on the Mexico-Querétaro highway at km 61.7, near the municipality of Tepeji del Río.

Investigators indicated that her murder was committed by two men, one of whom was arrested shortly afterwards.

José Manuel González Corona was captured on Friday when he was driving aboard a Dodge Atos car in the vicinity of the victim's home in the Juventino Rosas neighborhood.

In his statement, he explained that after a discussion his accomplice - still a fugitive - hit Gómez Bastida with a bat on the head and then left her body on the road.

The director of the LGTB Agenda collective, Jaime López Vela, said that the work of Gómez Bastida in favor of the sexual diversity groups was outstanding and important, in addition to working for the recognition of the rights of the lesbian-gay community in the Mexico City.

From her position, Gary assumed herself as a transsexual woman in the process of sex-gender reassignment and invited the authorities and the staff in her charge to learn about the subject in order to offer better care to users and avoid acts of discrimination. She repeatedly declared that she was working to build a culture of non-discrimination in the pursuit of justice, in order to ensure "that all of us who are part of sexual diversity can express ourselves".

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