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Shanayne Rodrigues Macena

Age 29

21 Jul 2013
Nova Floresta, Paraíba (Brazil)
Beaten and stabbed

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Shanayne Rodrigues Macena
Shanayne Rodrigues Macena [photo:]

Shanayne was stabbed multiple times in the face as she was walking home after a night out with friends.

She was a hairdresser who had run as a candidate for councillor the previous year.

A crime with refinements of cruelty was recorded on Sunday (21), in the city of Nova Floresta, in the Paraiba Agreste. A [trans woman], who was a candidate for councilor in 2012, was murdered with fish knife blows.

According to information from Picuí regional delegate João Joaldo, 29-year-old hairdresser [deadname] Macena, known as “Shanayne”, was drinking with friends in a bar and then left.

“We learned that the victim spent Saturday night (20) drinking with friends in a bar on the Rumbling site in the countryside before she left. On Sunday morning (21), Josinaldo's body was found mutilated on a back road, ”said the delegate.

Delegate Tércio de Sousa commented that her face was disfigured by several [knife[ blows. “The person who committed the crime was very angry with the victim. Her face was mangled. There had been a lot of deep blows.”

The reason for the crime is still unknown. However, police will investigate whether a fight the victim was involved in about a month ago could be related to her death.

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