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Age 40

25 Jul 2013
Istanbul (Turkey)

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Gaye was found dead in her apartment. She was working as a flower seller.

Gaye, a trans woman working as flower seller, has been found dead in her apartment in downtown Istanbul (Beyoglu).

The autopsy report will tell us how she was murdered, Ebru Kiranci from Istanbul LGBTT told bianet. “We have assigned a lawyer to this case and we will be on the pursuit.”

Urging the officials to pass a law against hate crimes immediately, Kiranci said the following:

“Gaye opened a flower shop. She had a lover for 15 years and they were living together. We last say each other 3 days ago, and she was murdered that night. Yesterday, they found her dead body.

“This is another hate crime. But who did it? We need a law against hate crimes immediately. Is human life this cheap?”

“As Istanbul LGBTT, we have assigned a lawyer for this case and we will be on the pursuit. Police didn’t make a statement on how the murder happened. When I went to her apartment last night, Gaye’s neighbors said she might have been strangled but ultimately we will find it after the autopsy.”

TVT project: TGEU SC member Kemal Ordek,235530

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