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Alex Camel Valencia

Age 39

9 Aug 2013
Manizales, Caldas (Colombia)
Cosmetic filler poisoning

Alex Camel Valencia
Alex Camel Valencia [photo:]

Alex died as a result of a silicone oil cosmetic filler injection.

She was a hairdresser who worked in the living room she shared with her mother.

Wanting to increase her buttocks was deadly for J. A. Valencia, a 39-year-old transvestite, who was known by her friends as Alex Camel, and who on Wednesday, around 1:00 in the afternoon, died after being injected with a silicone oil treatment.

Her relatives say that the procedure cost her a million pesos and that they did it in the room of his house, where minutes later he began to convulse.

The person who was doing the procedure and a friend of Alex took her to Assbasalud de San José. Given her serious condition, she was referred to the Santa Sofia Clinic, where despite the attempts they could not save her.

Alex was well known in the neighborhoods of El Carmen and 20 de Julio. As a hairdresser, she worked in the living room of the house, in career 29 with 29th street, which she shared with her mother, Gabriela García, and a friend.

The mother, while they were taking the furniture out of her house, said: "She was the only one I had, she was a very good [daughter], she handled herself very well, she gave me everything, I am vacating this house because I am not going to live where my [daughter] died. I can not stand spending more time here. "

A friend described Alex as a happy and charitable person. He said that the hairdresser was first in the Villahermosa neighborhood, but he had been in El Carmen for two years.

"Alex cut the hair of the boys here for free, that's why the whole community knew her, she helped the people a lot, and those who did not have the cut in the Caldas Park, she did them," they explained.

They added that the death of his friend has to serve as an example for people, because he was emphatic in saying that such treatments should be done in appropriate places.

"People are looking for death with this type of procedure, they let themselves be convinced because they are told they are going to see one way or another and all they are looking for is to die," they said.

The family claimed that the authorities assured them that Alex's death will be investigated, because she was in the middle of a surgical procedure without due treatment.

Alex's death was not recorded on the official TDoR 2013 list.

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