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C. Lipscomb

Age 53

8 Nov 2013
Detroit, Michigan (USA)

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C. Lipscomb

C.'s burnt body was discovered in a trash bin in an alley. Like most victims in the USA, she was a person of colour. The undignified way her burned body was dumped in a trash bin indicates transgender hostiliy.

Members of the transgendered community say, after losing another member to violence, they are ready for the violent acts against them to stop.

Detroit police discovered a body inside an alley trash can Friday night off Woodward Avenue. Members of Detroit's transgender community say the victim was one of their own. EDITOR'S NOTE: Detroit police have confirmed this.

Researchers and a local filmmaker are working to raise awareness on the violence directed towards transgendered people here in Metro Detroit.

Filmmaker Dream Hampton says when trans women are murdered, it often involved brutality, dismemberment and torture.

One mother whose trans daughter, Shelly, was murdered two years ago calls the acts an "epidemic" and that trans people are "treated like they're not even humans."

TvT partner organization Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans 20.11.2013

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