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Amari Hill

Age 22

9 Nov 2013
Richmond, Virginia (USA)

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Amari Hill
Amari Hill [photo:]

Amari's body was found in in an alley with a gunshot wound. Family and friends told local media that in the months leading up to her death Hill had started to transition to a female identity and that she may have been targeted for this reason.

A little over a year ago, the body of Amari Hill, a 22-year-old transgender girl, was found in an alley in Richmond’s south side with a gun shot wound.

Hill’s murder is yet be solved, and is one of 226 reported murders against transgender people in the last year. Trans people face violence about 4 times as often as cisgendered people, and stats in the US for 2014 show an increase in trans violence nation wide.

While the trans and greater Richmond community continues to morn, Major Steve Drew with the Richmond Police Department remains hopeful in their ability to close the case.

“We’ve made some progress in the case, but we still need the community’s assistance,” said Drew in a phone call today. “[We] have leads, but it’s like a puzzle and there are some pieces missing.”

Hill’s case is by no means the only murder in Richmond, or in Virginia. Compared to cases like UVA student Hannah Graham who’s remains and killer were found within weeks of her disappearance. The inevitable comparison, with Hill being a trans person of color, has to be made.

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