TDoR 2014 / 2013 / November / 30 / Tyra Nicole Rengifo del Águila

Tyra Nicole Rengifo del Águila

Age 27

30 Nov 2013
Surquillo, Lima (Peru)
Cosmetic filler poisoning

Tyra Nicole Rengifo del Águila
Tyra Nicole Rengifo del Águila [photo:]

Tyra was a stylist who died as a result of a cosmetic filler injection. Reportedly the material used was airplane oil and completely unsuitable for this purpose.

A trans woman identified as C. [Tyra Nicole] Rengifo del Águila (27), lost her life in her home located in Surquillo after a woman injected unsuitable silicone into her buttocks and breasts on the last Saturday.

Her uncle, Abner Padilla Saldaña, said that a woman named Martina from Iquitos, was the one who injected the substance. She indicated that she injected approximately three liters into each buttock.

The victim's roommate did not want to talk to the police, despite the fact that the relatives indicated that she knew the identity of the person responsible for the death of C. [Tyra], who worked as a stylist. She was taken to the police station as part of the investigation.

Tyra's death was not recorded on the official TDoR 2014 list.

Report added: 19 Jan 2019. Last updated: 6 Feb 2019

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