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Joice Freitas Vieira

Age 32

28 Jan 2014
Castanhal, Pará (Brazil)

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Joice Freitas Vieira

Joice was stabbed to death in a room of the Palace motel located alongside the PA-136 road connecting Castanhal to Curuçá.

The police investigated the crime as a possible hate crime as this is the second stabbing of a trans person under similar circumstances within a month (see for the previous case).

The Civil Police, through the Homicide Office, investigate a crime in Castanhal, northeast of Pará, where a trans woman was stabbed to death inside a motel. Police have not dismissed the possibility of homophobic crime, as it is the second trans woman stabbed to death in less than a month.

The crime happened in room 13 of the Palace motel, located on the banks of the PA-136, road connecting Castanhal to Curuçá. According to the Civil Police, the murderer took a taxi from near the police station in downtown Castanhal and asked the taxi driver to go to BR-316, near Cosanpa, to pick up a trans sex worker. The driver followed the instructions of the passenger, and when he arrived at the place indicated, was asked: "Which of these do you want me to take?", referring to the trans sex workers waiting for custom.

As he had no response from the taxi driver, the killer chose, according to police, randomly the nearest trans woman. "It's one more line of investigation we're having because, according to information from the taxi driver, the killer still asked who he should take. But the taxi driver was impartial and so the killer took the first one who approached the car", said the delegate Temmer Khayat.

"According to the taxi driver, the victim charged R $50.00 for her services, which was accepted by the murderer. When he arrived at the motel, the victim entered the room while the suspect paid for the taxi", Khayat said.

After entering the room, the victim, identified as Joice, was violently attacked from behind. The killer stabbed her several times without giving her any defend herself, and she died at the scene. "By the time they got to the motel, and by the time he ran away, as the images on the CCTV show, it appears that they did not have sex. He was only there to kill the victim, ".

This was the second murder of a trans woman in Castanhal in less than a month. On December 29, another tran woman, who worked in the same place as Joice was also stabbed to death. The Civil Police has not ruled out a connection between the two crimes, but believes that it also has other lines of investigation.

"We do not rule out a homophobic crime, since the deaths are very close and they were similar, except that the former was still stabbed to death and the second to the motel. We are investigating the circumstances of the crime and we are going to analyze the images of the CCTV of the motel. We will also listen once more to the taxi driver to give details of the killer, as well as the owner of the property. The investigations continue and we do not rule out any hypothesis for the crime, such as revenge and reckoning, since the victim committed robberies there", concluded Deputy Temmer Khayat.

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