TDoR 2014 / 2014 / February / 28 / A.S.S.


Age 16

28 Feb 2014
Vitoria da Conquista (Brazil)

TDoR list ref: tgeu/28-Feb-2014/A.S.S.


The victim was shot dead at around 9pm on Friday 28th February.

An unidentified [trans woman] was shot dead on Friday night, around 9 pm, at Frei Serapião Street, in Bairro Brasil, near Av. Integração. The body was found after people went out after hearing gunfire.

The victim was shot dead in the head. During the crime scene investigation , a crack pipe, a lighter and a cigarette, apparently of pot, were found. The body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute, where it is awaiting recognition.

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