TDoR 2014 / 2014 / March / 02 / Angelina Martínez Figueroa

Angelina Martínez Figueroa

Age 18

2 Mar 2014
Canapote, Cartagena, Bolivar (Colombia)

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Angelina Martínez Figueroa
Angelina Martínez Figueroa [photo:]

Angelina was shot in the head by a policeman on the night of Sunday 2nd March.

With great sadness, the relatives of [deadname] Martínez Figueroa, recognized in the LGTBI community as Angelina, waited with great pain that yesterday afternoon they could remove [her] corpse from the Legal Medicine morgue, to watch [her] at his mother's house in the neighborhood of August.

The transsexual, of 18 years, was assassinated Sunday in Canapote night after receiving a bullet in the head. The facts are confused: while his family says it was a stray bullet fired by a policeman who tried to control a fight that caused [her] death, the institution says he still has not determined who shot [her], because the incident occurred in the middle of a fight, that uniformed came to control and ended up being attacked. The case is in the hands of the General Prosecutor's Office, which will be in charge of investigating and determining what actually happened.

In the event two policemen and three young people were injured. Among the young people is Hamilton Martinez, who is already recovering at home, in the Santa María neighborhood. The young man told El Universal that everything happened when he left a nightclub, accompanied by Angelina and other friends. He explained that while they were taking a taxi, they were in the middle of a fight and ended up being attacked by policemen who believed they were participating in the fight. In the middle of the confusion Angelina was shot. The owner of the club clarified that the problem happened far from his business, in a nearby street, and that Angelina fell in the corner of the House of Justice of Canapote when she was shot.

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