TDoR 2014 / 2014 / May / 25 / Bruna


Age 38

25 May 2014
Atibaia, São Paulo (Brazil)

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Bruna's body was found in a field near a cemetary in the Alvinópolis neighborhood at around 8am. She had deep cuts in her neck and wrists.

A 38-year-old [trans woman] was found dead this morning (25) in Atibaia (SP). Her body was found on a street in the Alvinópolis neighborhood around 8am. According to the Civil Police, he had deep cuts in the neck and wrists.

The military police said they arrived at the scene after being called to handle a homicide. Upon arriving in the neighborhood, police officers found the lifeless victim in a field near a cemetery in the neighborhood. No one was arrested for the crime, which happened at dawn.

In the morning, the body was referred to the Medical Legal Institute (IML) and police officers conducted on-site expertise. The PM suspects that the crime may be related to the victim's involvement in sex work.

According to the Civil Police, relatives of the victim and people close to her began giving testimony on Sunday. Police also believe that near-crime security cameras can aid in investigations. The case will be investigated by the General Investigations Department as of Monday (26).

TvT partner organization Grupo Gay da Bahia & O Globo, 25.05.2014 & 26.05.2014

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