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A. P. Silva

16 Jun 2014
Recife, Pernambuco (Brazil)

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A. P. Silva

A. was stabbed by a client in an apartment in the Boa Viagem neighborhood after he refused to pay for her services.

The owner of the apartment Ulisses Junior de Lima was arrested.x

The mechanic Ulisses Junior de Lima was arrested in the strife last Monday night for murdering a transvestite in the Boa Viagem neighborhood of Recife, Pernambuco. According to delegate Paulo Furtado of the 3rd Homicide and Personal Protection Department (DHPP), the victim was approached by Ulisses for a program and taken to the mechanic's bride's apartment.

Upon arriving there, Ulisses would have noticed that the escort was a trans woman and refused to pay the program. The two went into physical fighting and the victim was struck at the neck with a knife. Then Ulisses dragged his body up the stairs from the eighth floor to the garage of the building, where he placed it in a plastic bag and drove to Ipojuca, about 50 km away from the Boa Viagem neighborhood, where he set fire.

"The neighbors said they heard some confusion, screams, saw blood on the stairs and distrusted. We went to the scene to investigate the complaint, and when he returned, he confessed to the crime and was arrested in the act. He will be charged with qualified murder and corpse concealment, "Furtado said.

There is still no confirmation on the social name of the victim.

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