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Tyra Sinclair

20 Jul 2014
Georgetown (Guyana)

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Tyra Sinclair
Tyra Sinclair [photo:]

Tyra and her friend Jada were both stabbed to death by Samuel Bristol, who then killed himself several hours later.

According to reports, Bristol was the jilted ex-partner of one of their colleagues and was angry because the relationship had been broken off.

Following last month’s fatal stabbing of two members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, the Guyana Trans United (GTU) has issued a call for justice for the dead, while decrying media coverage of the tragedy.

[Deadname] John, also known as Jada, and [deadname] Sinclair, called Tyra, were murdered last month by Nabaclis resident Samuel Bristol, who later killed himself.

In a statement issued last week, GTU and victims’ families urged the police to “conduct a thorough and impartial investigation and to bring all the persons involved in these murders to justice.”

These persons, the body said, included the MMC guards who allegedly rescued Bristol from a group of enraged sex workers.

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