TDoR 2014 / 2014 / September / 15 / Martel Ramón Figueroa Ortiz

Martel Ramón Figueroa Ortiz

Age 39

15 Sep 2014
Choloma, Cortez (Honduras)

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Martel Ramón Figueroa Ortiz

When the police arrived the victim was already dead. Neighbours of the victim claim that unknown men were responsible.

A [trans woman] was killed early this Saturday morning on the road to the Ticamaya sector of Choloma, Cortés, in northern Honduras.

Police authorities reported that people who travel daily for the sector filed the complaint. The scene has been secured since 7:00 am.

The body was lying on the dirt road about 200 meters from the main road, in the scene there was also a used condom for what the authorities presume was violated before being killed.

The victim has not been identified by the forensic medicine authorities, but at the time of the murder she wore a blue shorts, green shirt and white sandals.

In a bushes a bottle of beer, a red wallet, a pair of sandals and condoms were also found.

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