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Sabi Beriani

Age 26

10 Nov 2014
Tbilisi (Georgia)

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Sabi Beriani
Sabi Beriani [photo:]

Sabi was murdered in her home in Peking Street, Tbilisi on the night of 10th November. Her killer set fire to her house to destroy the evidence.

According to local media, a 25-year-old transgender woman was an activist who previously participated in television programs and advocated for the rights of sexual minorities.

The Ministry of the Interior has not yet issued an official statement confirming or rejecting this incident. One of the neighbors told the Interpressnews news agency, "My neighbor called me at midnight. I went out of my apartment and everything was in fire. But before that, I didn't hear any fight or noise. The rumor claimed that the victim was killed first and then burned. Apparently, someone locked the door with the key. " said.

According to information from Natia Gvianishvili, a member of the Regional Network Georgia, the Ministry of Interior issued a statement yesterday and announced the arrest of Sabi's killer. Police said that Sabi was unable to repay the debt he received from the killer and that the murderer had stabbed Sabi many times and that the killer had burned Sabi's house to eliminate the trace of the murder.

While the police did not provide any information as to whether the murder was hate-motivated or not, he said that the killer had =planned the murder.

Georgian media reported the Sabi as a young man, disregarding the gender identity of the murdered trans activist.

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