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Dilan Vera Parra

Age 26

29 Dec 2014
La Pintana, Santiago (Chile)
Burnt and stabbed

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Dilan Vera Parra
Dilan Vera Parra [photo:]

Dilan died after being stabbed in the chest. According to her mother several hours earlier the same people had sprayed a liquid on her daughter's face and tried to burn her.

The social acceptance of Dilan, as a woman, was reduced to a Facebook profile with the pseudonym Yeimi Andrea. There she organized her outings and also received sexual proposals for money, which came in piles. There she also discharged her sorrows of love. "The one who made her suffer the most was a good macho man," says Paula, a robust woman, one of the aunts-neighbors who knew her the most.

On that same Facebook, Dilan moved away from the life she created for others, which she hid as he said "out of respect for her brother and his mother." Her true identity comes to life in the photos. Yeimi Andrea is extroverted, sexy and appears with a tiny purple mesh dress that reveals pieces of white skin. Curly hair set aside, long eyelashes and red mouth give life to Yeimi. There are dozens of comments in each post, all are from men, who praise and declare, has more than two thousand followers.

Dilan studied nursing at OTEC José Obrero and finished her practice with grade seven. Last year she worked in a nursing home and since then she was dedicated to the sporadic care of some elderly people in the upper neighborhood. She had to leave her previous job as a result of the constant harassment of a boss and his coworkers. Before, she only had occasional jobs as a guard in a supermarket and a clothing salesman in a mall. As a guard she had to "dress up" as a man to "fit in", explained his mother.

"If she did not hide who she was, she could not get a job. She suffered there, she had to cut her hair", recalls Elvira.

In February 2015 María Inés Norambuena Parra, 52, was arrested in San Antonio for her murder. Allegedly she stabbed Dilan after learning that her partner had had sexual relations with the Dilan. Norambuena reportedly had a police record that included records of theft, violation of the Drug Law, infraction of the Weapons Law, robbery with intimidation, robbery with violence and homicide.

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