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Papi/Lamar Edwards

Age 20

9 Jan 2015
Louisville, Kentucky (USA)

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Papi/Lamar Edwards
Papi/Lamar Edwards [photo:]

Papi was found with gunshot wounds in a hotel parking lot. They died in hospital.

Reports of their gender identity conflict - some sources claim Lamar was a gay man who sometimes dressed in drag, and others that Papi was a transgender woman.

The Human Rights Campaign notes: β€œIn addition to these murders, Lamar Edwards – whom LGBT friends have confirmed to The Advocate uses the name Lamar and identified as a gay man who sometimes dressed in drag – was fatally shot on January 9; police have not released information about whether Edwards was presenting as female at the time of death.”

Early police and media accounts consistently misnamed and misgendered the victim, and only now are we learning that, according to BuzzFeed LGBTQ, her name was Papi Edwards and that she identified as a transgender woman.

TvT project: WHAS 11 09.01.2015 & The Advocate 30.01.2015

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