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Mya Hall

Age 27

30 Mar 2015
Ft. Meade, Maryland (USA)

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Mya Hall
Mya Hall [photo:]

Mya died after officers shot at the car she was driving. She had taken a wrong turn and wound up on the wrong exit of a parkway which led to the Baltimore NSA headquarters.

Mya Hall wasn’t looking for trouble when she took a wrong turn on March 30 and wound up on the wrong exit of a Fort Meade, Md. parkway, which led to the Baltimore headquarters of the NSA.

But she still wound up dead after security opened fire on her vehicle, apparently causing it to crash into the gates of the compound.

This week, as protests over the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray continue, black women on Twitter are urging the city to remember her name.

Hall, 27, and her friend, 20-year-old Brittany Fleming, crashed a stolen SUV into the gates of the NSA on March 30 after officials began shooting at their vehicle. Authorities stated that they began shooting because the pair did not initially stop proceeding toward the building when authorized to do so, instead accelerating towards a police vehicle. Hall was killed in the incident. Fleming was wounded.

Hall and Fleming reportedly went on their joy ride while in a drug-fueled haze after a party. “Driver killed at NSA had history of robbery, prostitution,” the Baltimore Sun headline read. Hall was on probation and had an arrest warrant issued the day before she died.

Yet although a gun was found in the stolen SUV, Hall was unarmed at the time of her death. An FBI spokesperson stated after the incident that it was not connected to terrorism.

What’s more, wrong turns at that particular exit are an extremely frequent occurrence. Yet early reports from authorities described the incident as an attempt to “ram” the gates, and some media reports referred to events as a “gunfight.”

Initial reports of the incident that led to her death described Hall and Fleming as “men dressed as women,” “crossdressers,” “men in drag,” and “transvestites.” Hall was also frequently misgendered and typically referred to as a man, using her legal name.

TvT project: Washington Post 03.04.2015 & The Daily Dot 30.04.2015,0,4685943.story

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