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Daya Rani

Age 56

3 Jul 2015
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (India)

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Daya Rani
Daya Rani [photo:]

Daya was found dead in her room on the morning of 4th July. She had been shot through a window. The killer fired as a train passed so as not to be heard.

Two days later the police arrested two people at a bus stop in Ghaziabad.

Uttar Pradesh Police on Monday claimed to have solved the murder case of transgender Daya Rani Kinnar with the arrest of two accused.

After investigation, Waris and Nadim were arrested from old Ghaziabad bus stand around 5.30 pm, Circle officer City 1st, Anil Kumar Yadav said, adding that their accomplice Sameer is still at large.

A country-made pistol, which was allegedly used to shoot her, and a knife have been recovered from their possession, he said.

During interrogation, the duo confessed that they murdered Daya Rani to usurp her wealth.

Also, Waris held a grudge against Daya after he got married to her niece Geeta, much against her (Daya's) wish. Later, Daya she let Geeta and her child stay at her house but did not allow Waris, he said.

Daya had always lived in Dasna, Ghaziabad. She lived with other trans women in a shared bungalow.

Although illiterate, in 2004, 2009 and 2014 Daya Rani contested the Ghaziabad Lok Sabha constituency in the General Election as an independent. In 2007 she ran for the Uttar Pradesh assembly. She stressed her gender identity:

"Why are people with me? Because other politicians fill their homes and cupboards. And I have no children, husband, wife or heirs. Whatever family I have is these people and I live off these people and I will fight for these people with the politicians who have not delivered on their promises."

Most of the news articles refer to Daya Rani as "Daya Rani Kinnar". However 'kinnar' is a local word for 'hijra'. Thus it is like referring to "Sylvia Rivera Transgender". Not a good practice. Not at all!

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