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Érika Aguilera

Age 25

16 Jul 2015
Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

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Érika Aguilera

Erika was shot in the back by a client, reportedly after he discovered that she was transgender. After she fell, he shot her in the face and chest.

Marlon Lucas, 22, was arrested and charged with homicide. He claimed he acted in self defence.

The Civil Police issued the name of the person shot dead, early this morning as Erika Aguilera, 25, who lived in the neighborhood of Canaan IV in Dourados. According to a report by Douradosagora, a 22-year-old businessman was arrested by the Municipal Guard suspected of shooting the girl, according to a report filed by Dourados police.

The man was on his cell phone inside a silver Amarock pickup truck and Ponta Porã signs, which was parked at the intersection of Marcelino Pires Avenue and Toshinobu Katayama Street, near a downtown gas station when he was approached by the per.

According to police, the driver thought that she was a woman and invited her to enter the vehicle. He then claimed he realized that she was a [trans woman] he asked her to leave.

According to reports, she then asked for money and threatened him; he one said he did not, but he could get some from home. They headed there, where the businessman stopped in front of a municipal guard's house. According to police, the [trans woman] allegedly took the car keys and ordered him to get out of the vehicle. The driver then took a revolver from under the seat of the vehicle she ran away.

She was shot in the back and fell, on the corner of England and President Vargas, in Jardim Europa, near the exit of Dourados to Itaporã. According to police, shot her twice more, in the face and chest, as she lay dying.

The accused was identified by police as Marlon Lucas, a resident of Jardim Europa, who was arrested by a municipal guard who heard the shots. According to GM, he had a 357-caliber Magno revolver at the waist. He alleged, according to the police, that he reacted to an assault and states that he acted in self-defense.

Colleagues and sympathizers of the [trans woman], who came in contact with the media say that Érika never robbed anyone and was not drugged.

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