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Nephi Luthers

Age 20

21 Jul 2015
Georgetown, Demerara-Mahaica (Guyana)

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Nephi Luthers
Nephi Luthers [photo:]

Nephi was shot dead by a client who was unhappy that she was transgender.

The Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted bulletin for Ron ‘Andel’ Forde, and Kanand Ojha for questioning in connection with the death of Nephi [deadname] Luther.

[Nephi] was a transgender commercial sex worker who was fatally shot to the chest in the early hours of Wednesday last. The incident occurred at the corner of Carmichael and Quamina Streets, after one of the men, who was described by witnesses to be a prominent businessman in Georgetown, got into an argument with [her].

According to reports, the 20-year-old transgender [woman] was shot dead after an argument with a “client” who accused [her] of robbing [him]. The client in question was described by colleagues of [Nephi] as being a “regular” solicitor of sex in the area. However, after soliciting the services of [Nephi], the businessman was not satisfied with the transgender and subsequently returned the 20 year-old to the area, to solicit the services of another sex worker.

Upon realising that his second pick up was another transgender [woman], the businessman accused the first sex worker of trying to rob him. An argument erupted and escalated to a point where the businessman, shouting that the person who robbed him was in the vicinity, and attempted to assault the transgender [woman]. A scuffle involving other persons in the vicinity ensued. At this point [Nephi] returned to the area and the businessman [accused her] as the one who robbed him. After a confrontation between the two during which [Nephi] gave someone [her] phone to record the incident, the businessman was reported to have driven away from the scene.

The businessman subsequently returned to the area later in the night, with a colleague known as “black assassin”. The three reportedly resumed the argument with [Nephi] before a shot was heard and [Nephi] was left lying at the corner of Quamina and Carmichael Streets. The other two men reportedly escaped from the scene in a red CR-V vehicle while [Nephi’s] colleagues rushed to the location. [Nephi] was found breathing heavily and bleeding profusely. She had been shot.

Not long after, police officers arrived on the scene and assisted in transporting Noel to the Guyana Public Hospital Corporate (GPHC). Upon arriving at the GPHC the 20 year-old was pronounced dead.

Nephi's Facebook profile is

TvT project: The Guyana Times 23.07.2015 & Planet Transgender 23.07.2015

In June 2017 Ron ’Andel’ Forde was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her murder.

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