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Casey (K.c.) Haggard

Age 66

23 Jul 2015
Fresno, California (USA)
Throat cut

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Casey (K.c.) Haggard
Casey (K.c.) Haggard [photo:]

Casey's throat was slashed after she was called over to a vehicle at around 2am on Thursday 23rd July. She tried to flag down passing vehicles for help, but nobody stopped.

Justice is finally being served for the horrific throat-slashing murder of transgender woman Casey Haggard. Originally Fresno police felt the murder caught on video was a random act of violence. But thanks to a local advocate’s persistence 38-year-old Richard Lopez has been charged with the slaying as a hate crime.

“This was a premeditated hate crime says KarenAdell Scot”, founder of TransCare. Scot told KMPF July 2015, “It was premeditated, and it was thought out. They had the knife ready. They baited the person to the vehicle and they followed through with tremendous precision on the strike.

In February 2018 police arrested Richard Joseph Lopez, 37, for her murder.

TvT project: Fresno Bee 30.07.2015 & ABC 30 Action News 25.07.2015

Report added: 31 Oct 2018. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

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