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Ashlee Flux

Age 34 (born 21 Apr 1981)

19 Sep 2015
Kettering, Northamptonshire (United Kingdom)

Ashlee Flux
Ashlee Flux [photo:]

Ashlee died by suicide. They were nonbinary and vegan, and an artist, tattooist, piercer and massage therapist with a great love of hamsters and cats.

I do not wish to be credited.

My friend Ashlee Flux, who identified as nonbinary died by suicide 19/09/15.

Born 21/04/81

Artist, tattooist, piercer and massage therapist. Had a great love of hamsters and cats. Vegan.

Based in the UK

Feel free to contact me for more information. Their fb page is essentially a memorial now.

Several months before they died they had written:

"Like a lot of you, I've been feeling pretty gutted about the recent election. I've been shocked and horrified to realise the extent to which things can and probably will get worse now that it's no longer a coalition but the Conservatives on their own. I've been first uncomprehending, then angry and misanthropic, in the face of a group of humans getting together and deciding that it would be a good idea to get rid of the human rights act. Misanthropic like: OK, you all voted for this shit, fucking have it then, I hope it makes you weep.

But we didn't all vote for this. We don't all deserve this.

There is hope. Not (in my opinion) hope of making this government behave more kindly to the poorest and most vulnerable people, but hope that people will do more to help each other because they can see the need to, thus mitigating the unkindness pouring down on us from those in power."

Ashlee's Twitter and Facebook profiles are and

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