TDoR 2015 / 2015 / September / 25 / Fernanda "Coty" Olmos

Fernanda "Coty" Olmos

Age 59

25 Sep 2015
Santa Fe (Argentina)
Beaten, stabbed and shot

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Fernanda "Coty" Olmos

Coty was brutally murdered in her own home. SHe had been shot in the chest, had numerous stab wounds in the back and dorsal area and a bruise covering her right eye.

Fernanda "Coty" Olmos was a beloved neighbor of the Alfonso neighborhood of Santa Fe. She had spearheaded complaints from the residents of the neighborhood and in particular, she stood out for her supportive work during the dramatic floods that affected the city in 2003.

On Friday afternoon, Fernanda was murdered in her humble home. A friend called 911 when she found the door ajar and a policeman found her dead body by the side of the bed.

She had suffered blows to his face, several stabs on his neck, deep stab wounds on his back and abdomen, and a .22 caliber bullet in his chest. In addition, according to the experts had defense marks and the place was in complete disorder: there were broken glass, which denotes that there was a fight.

The brutality of the murder suggests that it is a transphobic crime, a femicide against a trans woman. However, the experts made statements in the media using the innocuous category of "personal conflict". This is not surprising since the Regional Prosecutor Ricardo Fessi reported the facts to the media by calling the victim [deadname]. A transphobic, retrograde and disrespectful attitude, about which the formality of the DNI [legal name] can not even be exposed as an excuse, since it it clearly says "Fernanda Olmos".

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