TDoR 2016 / 2016 / June / 29 / Kimberly da Silva ("Bebel")

Kimberly da Silva ("Bebel")

Age 45

29 Jun 2016
Florence, Tuscany (Italy)

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Kimberly da Silva ("Bebel")
Kimberly da Silva ("Bebel") [photo:]

Kimberly was a Brazilian migrant and sex worker. She was stabbed to death in her residence in Italy by her partner Mirco Alessi, 42. He also killed a Dominican woman living at the same address.

"A kind person, quiet and pretty". That's how a neighbor remembers [deadname], a Brazilian [trans woman] known as Kimberly, stabbed to death with her friend Mariela Josefina Santos Cruz, 27. [Kimberly] and Mariela were killed by Mirco Alessi, a 42-year-old separated worker and father, who confessed to their murder: for some time the Kimberly and Alessi had a stable relationship but, according to the murderer, she made constant requests for money to him, threatening to make their relationship public.

At this point Alessi decided to kill her: an admission that could turn the crime into premeditated murder. According to the killer's story, he arrived at [Kimbely's] house and immediately a furious argument broke out at the height of which Alessi grabbed a large kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed her. At home there were also two of [Kimberly's] Dominican friends, who shared the apartment with her: Alessi also attacked them. Mariela died, collapsing in the entrance hall of the building while trying to escape. The second girl, 25, though wounded, managed to escape by jumping out of the window.

Alessi was sentenced to 30 years for their murders.

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