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Ágatha Lios

28 Jan 2017
Taguatinga, Distrito Federal (Brazil)

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Ágatha Lios
Ágatha Lios [photo:]

Ágatha was stabbed by a group of four assailants (who were also trans women) after they had chased her into a postal depot. CCTV footage showed that the staff there did not attempt to prevent the attack taking place.

According to police investigations, the motive may have been jealousy. Two suspects - Lorrane Castro and Carol Andrade - were arrested on 18th July 2017 following a robbery. The third - named as Bruna - was arrested on 5 March 2018. Police are still hunting the fourth assailant - named as Samira Lopes de Castro.

On the day of the murder, Lorrane, Carol, Bruna and Samira knew that the victim was close to the area and they called an Uber to follow her. A persecution was initiated, which ended up inside a post office. The four criminals managed to contain Ágatha and stabbed her to death, then fled.

According to Erica, territorial disputes among sex workersare quite common in the region. "It's a serious and recurring problem. In fact, we already set up operations to dismantle the scheme of prostitution that happens there" she concludes.

One of Agatha’s friends related that Ágatha had never been involved in intrigues or street disputes. Vitória also states that the victim had been “expelled” from Taguatinga by one of the women responsible for the work of the trans sex workers in the city. Then the young woman would have worked for a while on the Pilot Plan and, a few days later, returned to the satellite city.

“She had been threatened several times, but wanted to stay to work, because the scene of prostitution in Taguatinga works 24 hours”

Five suspects were remanded for trial in February 2020.

The five accused of stabbing a [trans woman] in Taguatinga in the Federal District will be judged by the Jury on Monday (17). Ágatha Lios, 23 , was murdered in January 2017 inside the Correios distribution center. Security cameras recorded the crime.

According to the complaint, Carolina Andrade, Lohanny Castro, Bruna Alencar and Samira Lopes Castro - social names released by the courts - killed the victim because of a dispute over the point of prostitution. The crime was committed at the behest of Letícia Santos - identified as the head of the group.

In November 2021 all five were convicted.

Carolina Andrade was sentenced to 13 years and 4 months in prison, Lohanny Castro and Samira to 19 years, Bruna Alencar to 20 years and Letícia Oliveira Santos to 23 years.

Ágatha's Facebook profile is,606777/pcdf-identifica-autoras-do-assassinato-de-travesti-cinco-meses-depois.shtml,606777/pcdf-identifica-autoras-do-assassinato-de-travesti-cinco-meses-depois.shtml

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