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Emanuelle Muniz

Age 21

26 Feb 2017
Anápolis, Goiás (Brazil)

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Emanuelle Muniz
Emanuelle Muniz [photo:]

Emanuelle was kidnapped and stoned to death after hitching a ride while leaving a nightclub. Her mother found her naked body lying on a dirt road the following morning.

[Trans woman] Emanuelle Muniz, 21, was stoned to death after being kidnapped on Sunday (26), in Anápolis, 55 km from Goiânia . According to the Civil Police, her body was found by her mother, on a road in the rural area of the city. According to the corporation, the young woman disappeared after getting into a car at the door of a nightclub.

According to delegate Cleiton Lobo, from the Anapolis Homicide Investigation Group (GIH), the mother was with her daughter at a party and, at the door of the venue, they got into a car to hitch a ride. Realizing that the vehicle was full, she got out and called Emanuelle, trying to pulling her out. However, according to the corporation, the car took off at high speed with the young woman inside.

“Then the mother looked for a friend and began to travel all over the city looking for her daughter. Almost five hours after the disappearance, she turned onto a dirt road, but the car's tire was flat. When she got out of the vehicle to change the tire with her friend, she found her daughter's body a few meters away and became desperate. She immediately called the Military Police”, said the delegate to G1.

The crime took place at dawn on Sunday, on a road that gives access to BR-060, in Anápolis. According to the delegate, the young woman left the party with her mother at 1:00 am, and was killed half an hour later. The body was found at 7:00. According to investigations, the young woman had her cell phone taken by criminals. However, the delegate claims that the crime may have been motivated by gender bias.

On 20th July 2021 the four men involved in her murder were convicted by a jury and sentenced to a total of 121 years in prison.

After a trial that took more than 16 hours on Tuesday (20), the four involved in the murder of [trans woman] Emanuelle Muniz Gomes were found guilty by the jury.

The highest sentences, 35 and 34 years, were given to Márcio Machado Nunes and Sérgio Cesário Neto, respectively. Reinivan Moses de Oliveira and Daniel Lopes Caetano, were sentenced to 26 years each. Together, the sentences total 121 years.

In all, the accused were tried on five counts: triple murder, rape, attempted murder and two other robberies against Emanuelle's mother and a friend. Reinivan and Daniel got lower sentences because they were acquitted of the robberies.

The decision is still subject to an appeal and the defense of one of the plaintiffs has already stated that he will appeal.

Report added: 1 Sep 2018. Last updated: 10 Oct 2021

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