TDoR 2017 / 2017 / March / 16 / Angie Velásquez Ramírez

Angie Velásquez Ramírez

Age 36

16 Mar 2017
Le Plata, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Died in custody

Angie Velásquez Ramírez
Angie Velásquez Ramírez

Angie was detained during a police operation on 18th February 2017. She was held for about twenty days in the police station No. 11 of Ringuelet “in intolerable conditions”, then taken to Florencio Varela and Lisando Olmos prisons. She died in custody less than a month later.

Her death was the second of four in custody deaths in similar suspicious circumstances (the others being Pamela Macedo Panduro, Brandy Bardales Sangama and Damaris Becerra Jurado) in the same province during 2017.

All were Peruvian migrants and Otrans activists. Otrans reports that in the city the police routinely make arbitrary arrests of trans women. The detainees are routinely held without charge for long periods in degrading conditions without access to healthcare.

The trans support organisation Otrans Argentina ( denounced her death as a hate crime and filed a criminal complaint accusing the judge and prosecutor in charge of her case of killing her.

Like the similar deaths in 2017, Angie's death was not recorded on the official TGEU TDoR 2017 memorial list.

Report added: 1 Sep 2018. Last updated: 18 Oct 2018

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