TDoR 2017 / 2017 / March / 26 / Wilka


Age 40

26 Mar 2017
Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco (Brazil)

TDoR list ref: tgeu/26-Mar-2017/Uilca


Wilka was on her way back from a friend’s house to her home in Loteamento Luiz Gonzaga when she was attacked and stabbed in the abdomen, neck and back. A friend reported that she was murdered after a robber realised that she was transgender.

“Wherever you are, good rest”  “Now you are free from the murderers of the earth.”

Note that the TGEU list gives her name as “Uilca”, but her friends called her Wilka so that is the name given here.

Please also not that the photos shown in the some of the links below are extremely distressing. Please do not click on them unless you are sure you can handle what you will see.

Report added: 1 Sep 2018. Last updated: 13 Jan 2021

Trigger warning

This site contains reports of violence against transgender people, and links to detailed reports which contain graphic imagery.

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