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Bianka Gonçalves

Age 22

7 Apr 2017
Primavera do Leste, Mato Grosso (Brazil)

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Bianka Gonçalves
Bianka Gonçalves [photo:]

Bianka was shot at least twice in the head and robbed at dawn in a sex-work area alongside the MT-130 highway.

According to police, the area is dangerous and many women who work there do not carry their bags.

Friends and family are outraged by the death of Bianka Gonçalves, victim of a homicide in the early hours of this Friday, according to information she was near the Municipal Fair when she was shot, the shooter was on a motorcycle and escaped soon after carrying out the shots.

At first, the police believed that it could be a robbery followed by death as the victim's belongings were taken.

On social media, friends commented on Bianka's death and are dissatisfied with what happened. For them the young woman may have been another victim of prejudice, since Bianka was a [trans woman] and according to her colleagues she was a happy person and lost her life brutally.

An investigation of the case has already been initiated by the civil police.

Her Facebook profile is [BROKEN LINK] [BROKEN LINK]

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