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Thadeu Nascimento

Age 24

5 May 2017
Fazenda Grande do Retiro, Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)
Beaten and shot

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Thadeu Nascimento
Thadeu Nascimento [photo:]

Thadeu's body was found in the São Cristóvão neighbourhood on 6th May after he had gone missing two day before. According to family members his house had been burgled.

His body displayed signs of beating and he had been shot in the head.

Dona Ronsangela Silva, who lives in Salvador, carries with her constant pain, a wound that has been open since May 2017. It was in that month that she had to go to the funeral of someone she saw not only as a family member, but also as a partner in her life. all hours: her son, Thadeu Nascimento.

The saleman was taken from the apartment where he lived on Fazenda Grande II, and brutally shot dead. Authorities located the victim's body on the 5th, in São Cristóvão. Her mother's pain becomes even greater when she realizes the neglect with which the crime was treated.

“Thadeu was a dreamer, fighter, worker and activist in the LGBT movement. Our relationship was the best it could be. We respected each other and I helped him to face prejudices”, Rosangela recalls, frustrated because so many dreams were interrupted. The boy wanted to complete a degree in Physical Education and planned to correct the name on his documents, since he was a transgender man. However, he ended up impeded by the violence that was already taking place in Salvador at that time.

He was killed by drug traffickers after criminals in the neighborhood where he lived suspected that the victim was informing to the police. The mistrust of criminals increased because Thadeu used to talk on the phone on the porch of his house.

The mother says most of the calls were for her, as the two were confidants and talked for hours. The calls took place outside because inside the apartment there was no signal.

“My laughing and crying companion left so soon, simply because they believed in something he didn't do”, Rosangela affirms with certainty what she says.

Before being murdered, the young man commented to the family that he was noticing strange movements in the building, in addition to thinking that someone was going through the door of his house. He is also said to have been bullied by a group of men.

Thadeu's Facebook profile is

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