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Tabata Brandão

Age 20

25 Jun 2017
Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso (Brazil)

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Tabata Brandão
Tabata Brandão [photo:]

Tabata was shot multiple times. Witnesses report that a vehicle was seen parked by Tabata’s dead body for about 20 minutes. The riders were drinking alcohol but left before the police arrived.

In May 2019 Valdinei Sousa da Silva went to trial for her murder.

Valdinei Sousa da Silva will be tried by the Jury's Court of Rondonopolis (212 km from Cuiabá) this Friday (May 24), for murder homicide due to homophobia - and by a means that made it difficult for the victim to defend herself. As reported by the 6th Prosecutor's Office of Criminal Justice, the crime happened in June 2017, in the Novo Horizonte neighborhood. [Deadname] Dias, whose social name was "Tábata", was killed by the accused with four gunshots.

According to the investigation, the victim was a [trans woman] and was working as a sex worker at the scene when the accused and wife arrived on a motorcycle, and, moved by feelings of prejudice and discrimination, offended Tábata and other [trans women] who were there. The victim defended herself, which angered Valdinei.

He narrates the complaint that, afterwards, "imbued with animus necandi (intent to kill), the accused went to his home where he seized a firearm and returned alone to the scene of the crime", shooting Tábata four times. The victim died instantly. The accused has been in preventive custody since 2017 at the Major PM Eldo Sá Corrêa Penitentiary - "Mata Grande".

Tabata's Facebook profile is

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