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23 Aug 2017
Tecomán, Colima (Mexico)

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Peluchina [photo:]

Peluchina’s throat was slit inside the Primaveras hotel. The identity of her killer is unknown.

The victim of the murder registered last Wednesday night in a hotel in the city of Tecomán was identified by the authorities. She was known in the municipality of Armería and among the LGBT sector as 'La Peluchina'.

At around 10 pm yesterday, Wednesday the 23rd, a person was found murdered inside the Primaveras hotel, located in the Bayardo neighborhood, in the city of Tecomán, next to the Colima – Manzanillo highway.

Police investigations revealed minutes after the discovery that the victim had a throat wound, presumably the product of a knife. So far the characteristics of the person or persons responsible for the murder are unknown.

The transsexual woman was identified by the authorities as [deadname] Aguilera, 27, known as 'La Peluchina', a resident of the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood of Armería.

According to relatives Aguilera, had been Gay Queen of Salt, of the Armería carnival in 2010.

Report added: 1 Sep 2018. Last updated: 11 Sep 2022

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