TDoR 2018 / 2017 / October / 25 / Nayanne Rayalla (“Naay”)

Nayanne Rayalla (“Naay”)

25 Oct 2017
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Nayanne Rayalla (“Naay”)
Nayanne Rayalla (“Naay”)

Naay was stabbed during a fight with her aunt. She died at the scene.

"You are gone, undocked your boat from my dock and set off for an adventure in the clouds. She spread her wings, flew away, I can still see the glitter of her eyes as I look at the stars. You're gone and I'm left, I'm sad, I'm gone, I'm in mourning. Only the gods know how much their departure has made me, and sometimes it still makes me suffer. Only they know how much I asked, how much I begged you to stay here with me.

You are gone, and besides the pain, I have left memories, great memories that still have a smile in the middle of a tear. You are gone and left a huge void. You are gone, but in spite of your absence, you have taught me to love your true friends and discard the false ones." - Jhully Rayalla, 15 Nov 2017.

Naay's Facebook profile is

IBTE & GGB, 25.10.2017

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