TDoR 2018 / 2017 / November / 03 / Natalie Nguyen

Natalie Nguyen

Age 22

3 Nov 2017
Seattle, Washington (USA)

Natalie Nguyen
Natalie Nguyen [photo:]

Natalie was hit by a car after leaving a suicide note. In death, her family erased her identity.

Sometime early this morning, a Vietnamese American Seattle woman named Natalie Nguyen apparently committed suicide by stepping out in front of an oncoming car. She was 22.

I never knew her IRL name until this happened; I knew her only as Tipsy Tentacle, a well-liked (and much-loved by many) member of the Mastodon community.

She was reportedly experiencing a lot of emotional pain related to her transition. She was at a party with some friends (some of them also Mastodon people, and at least one of them being someone I’d consider friend-material if I knew her a little better — so not clods; real, supportive people) and apparently that pain just overcame her at some point. (Clarification: As far as I know, harassment wasn’t a factor here; I mainly (vaguely) remember her talking about dysphoria and being misgendered… and being breathlessly delighted when gendered correctly, like ‘did I even hear that correctly?’ I know that feeling so well.)

She left the party saying she was going for a walk. She left a suicide post on Mastodon. And then the police were handing her stuff to the friend, saying “I’m sorry for your loss”.

The news is reporting it as a hit-and-run… and also misgendered her initially, but enough Mastodonians yelled at them that they’ve corrected that error.

Report added: 1 Sep 2018. Last updated: 29 Jul 2019

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