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Julia Zuñiga Padilla

Age 46 (born 3 Jan 1971)

19 Nov 2017
Ciudad de México (Mexico)

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Julia Zuñiga Padilla
Julia Zuñiga Padilla [photo:]

Julia was shot 5 times by two assilants who invaded the salon where she worked.

Daughter of Juanita Padilla, affectionately called July. Julia studied at the Fray Matías de Córdova school, located in the Azcapotzalco delegation. For her acquaintances from the “gay soccer environment”, Julia was portrayed as follows: “Julio César Zúñiga Padilla, athlete, hard worker , and a very responsible person who always selflessly helped others even if he did not know you, giving you food if you were hungry, always helping your community. She was the financial support for her mother and home ”. Julia belonged to Didesex, she was one of the winners of the Gold medal in the Soccer tournament in the United States.

Julia was a born, charismatic social leader and above all a reference for her neighbors, Julia was a PRI activist, always supporting whoever needed it, her colleagues defined her as follows: “She took off her shirt for her people, who worked for her community, an example of work, a footballer who put up the name of Tlalnepantla, a diva who laughed out loud because you were the one who radiated happiness, you always had that spark that you would party where you stood. " To Julia. He could usually be seen at the Pride Marches with a banner that read "Las Intrépidas de Rosario"

Julia was murdered by two subjects, inside the aesthetic where she worked, with company name: Queen, located on Calle Cultura Griega, corner with Cultura Tolteca of the El Rosario 1 housing unit, in the municipality of Tlalnepantla. Julius Caesar, received several gunshot wounds.

Julia's Facebook profile is

Ulisex, 11.12.2017

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