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Júlia Volp

Age 20

29 Nov 2017
Florianópolis, Santa Catarina (Brazil)

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Júlia Volp
Júlia Volp [photo:]

Júlia’s body was found with a chest wound in undergrowth in the early afternoon of 4th December. She had been missing since 29th November.

“A gentleman who raised cattle noticed the presence of vultures and went to check closely when he came across the body”.

According to Júlia’s boyfriend she worked with online e-commerce, but had traveled to Florianópolis to raise money through sex work to fulfill her dream of moving to Italy. She had already been deported by from Italy once after an agency let her down and was working to raise money to return.

Júlia had come out as trans at the age of 12, and began her transition at 15. Like many trans women in Brazil she still had documentation in her birth name, but had started the process of correcting this with the help of a lawyer. Unlike many, she had the full support of her family.

Earlier in 2017 Júlia had participated in the trans beauty contest Miss T Brazil, as part of which she had been interviewed:

“Thank God I have the support of my family, everyone respects me and accepts me as I am. Most do not receive this support in the home, reflecting our still conservative society”

Júlia had traveled to Florianopolis with a friend on 29th November. According to her boyfriend, she went to the house of a person who managed the programs in Vargem do Bom Jesus, left her suitcases in a room, and then went to a prostitution point in an area known as the British.

“Her friend said that a man who was on foot called and asked to do the program, he would have walked ahead and she would have gone a little farther. in the thicket, when they do not want to pay motel, “said the boyfriend.

“I had insisted that she not go, I said that Florianopolis was dangerous, I learned of the case of that trans that was killed in the British,” says her boyfriend, referring to Jennifer Celia Henrique, 38, known as Jenni.

Dik Greison Isidoro da Silva, 22, was arrested and confessed to killing her because “she would have threatened to tell others that they had sex.”

Her aunt said the family knew that Júlia did sex work to raise money, but for fear of violence had asked her not to travel to Florianopolis.

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