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Flávia Luiza

Age 38

2 Dec 2017
Paris (France)
Not reported

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Flávia Luiza
Flávia Luiza [photo:]

Flávia died on board a flight from São Paulo to Paris. Her death may not have been suspicious, but she reportedly suffered from respiratory problems which may have been a result of her situation back in Brazil.

It is worth noting that respiratory conditions can arise as a symptom of industrial silicone poisoning, so her death may well have been a result of a cosmedic procedure back in Brazil.

According to a report by the last person who made contact with Flavia, the cabin crew even asked if there were any doctors on board.

"The person was in her seat, which was in front of Flavia. The plane took off and when she realised they were already over the sea, the stewardess used the microphone to ask if we had a doctor on board. When we arrived in Paris, the stewardess spoke through the microphone again, and this time she asked for all the passengers to stay in their seats. They had more than 300 passengers on this flight, but she asked that no one leftm their seats as there had been a death on board and the plane and the police were entering to remove the body."

Her relatives and friends were not informed of her death.

Relatives and friends found it strange that she had not heard from her and, more than 20 days after her death, when they contacted Federal Police authorities and diplomatic entities, they learned of the information.

"[Flávia's] sister expressed the family's interest in repatriating the body, and recovering her possessions, but at the same time informed us that she did not have the financial means to bear the burden of repatriation of her body," according to a police representative.

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