TDoR 2018 / 2017 / December / 04 / Kyara Barbosa

Kyara Barbosa

Age 23

4 Dec 2017
Morada Nova, Ceará (Brazil)

Kyara Barbosa
Kyara Barbosa [photo:]

Kyara died by suicide. According to friends she suffered from severe depression.

She was politically active and a skilled writer who had written messages about the difficult lives of Brazilian transgender people:


According to medicine and society I was born a boy, but I never identified myself as such. By the age of 11 I was already affectionately related to boys, I did not feel in a homo relationship. At age 14 Kyara was born, of everything that existed inside the box, being woman was the one that approached me more. Even though I felt fulfilled by assuming a feminine identity and living in my reality this condition, I always felt that something was missing.

Now, at the age of 23 — nine years after starting my transition — I feel like I’m still at the beginning of everything; today I do not identify myself as a woman, and very much as a man. What I feel and I know is that my identity as a human being is not limited to gender binarism, but rather the possibilities. It remains a trans woman that for political reasons is claimed transvestite, more fundamentally, these issues of gender is a mere social illusion. I can be free without having a gender, in fact, if I want one.

I am a human being who thinks, who breathes and feels and that is enough for me.

My voice is too thick to be feminine, and damn, I love my voice. Just like my voice, my measurements do not fit within a standard and that’s what I think is beautiful: it’s not fit into standards. I feel like an unlimited human being, that I can have as many identities as I want, as many sexualities as I can, and none of this interferes directly with what I am. There are things I do not understand and do not want to understand, but only taste the freedom that has already been arrested.

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