TDoR 2018 / 2017 / December / 11 / Luna Shine

Luna Shine

Age 27

11 Dec 2017
Viana, Espírito Santo (Brazil)

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Luna Shine
Luna Shine [photo:]

Luna was killed in her home by a client.

According to witnesses, he was with her in her home until about 6pm. Sometime after he left he returned with another man and stabbed her. Her killer was restrained by local people who called the police, but the other suspect escaped.

The killer’s car (which had been parked in front of the house) was attacked by local people outraged by the crime.

“I went downstairs and saw the man stabbing her. The client saw me and said he would kill me. Then I started screaming for help. The landlady arrived with a piece of wood and I asked her not to enter. He ran away and the locals managed to hold him, “ he said. Luna’s mother was shaken and was supported by relatives. Luna’s friend was still able to talk to her at the scene. I told her to stay quiet, I told her that I had called her sister, but she said not to call because she was early, I told her not to sleep: ‘Stay here, I’m talking to you’. That was when she breathed the last time and I could not stay there anymore”.

IBTE & Gazeta On line, 11.12.2017

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