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Rhiannon Layendecker

Age 51

16 Dec 2017
Englewood, Florida (USA)

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Rhiannon Layendecker
Rhiannon Layendecker [photo:]

Rhiannon was murdered by her wife Jessica, apparently after an argument. Later that day she rang the emergency services and confessed to the crime.

When the police arrived they found Rhiannon’s body wrapped in a blanket in the back of her own truck. They also discovered her killer had planned to bury Layendecker at a home in Charlotte County, and that the hole had already been dug.

The two women are both transgender and neighbors say they kept to themselves.

In March 2019 Jessica Winkler, 49, pleaded guilty to second degree murder. She is expected to serve a minimum of 25 years in prison.

Rhiannon’s Facebook profile is

News Channel 8, 18.12.2017

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