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Lourdes Reinoso

Age 30

14 Jan 2018
Rio Nio, Tucuman (Argentina)

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Lourdes Reinoso
Lourdes Reinoso [photo:]

Lourdes and her great aunt Francisca Ofelia Palacio, 80, were attacked with a knife by Lourdes’ ex-partner. Both died from their injuries.

The investigation is being carried out under the charge of aggravated double homicide. “We found that there was a previous complaint that had been formalized against the accused in which there was already a restriction of approach, so we are talking about a person who would have killed someone with whom he would have a previous relationship, another aggravating it’s what has to do with violence against women and femicide.”

Lourdes had moved back to Rio Nio (the town of her birth) to escape her abusive ex-partner. He allegedly travelled there in order to attack her.

The young trans [woman] was born in Rio Nio, grew up with her great aunt Francisca, who lived on the animals that she raised on her small farm. Lourdes lived in the difficult context that small towns have of gender diversity, but that did not take away the happiness with which she lived: “she always looked for acceptance, she had many projects, she had finished her secondary school in Las Salinas (Burruyacú ) and worked in a kiosk in the village “said a family member of the victim who prefers to remain anonymous due to the fear caused by the situation.

“Lourdes was a very dedicated girl, she took care of her grandparents until they died. She did not mess with anyone, even though she sometimes had to endure ridicule because his condition is not understood in towns like this, “he continued.

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