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Johanna Cardenas Gutierrez

Age 43

4 Feb 2018
Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Lombardy (Italy)

Johanna Cardenas Gutierrez

Johanna was murdered by a client. Her body was found at home by her roommate.

Her roommate had found her lying on her bed in a flat in Cinisello Balsamo, a trickle of blood from her mouth. Nothing led her to think it was a violent death; but the 43-year-old found corpse on 4 February was killed by a blow to the back, discovered during the autopsy. In light of the results of the examination, filed in recent hours in the offices of the prosecutor's office in Monza, that of the Carabinieri of Sesto San Giovanni therefore becomes an investigation for homicide.

Johana was Peruvian with Argentine nationality and had been in Italy for several years, according to initial investigations by the Carabinieri. She offered sexual services both at home, a basement that she shared with another [trans woman], and on the road, on the border between Sesto San Giovanni and Cinisello Balm. She was a film lover, reserved, with no criminal record and her acquaintances have described her as a person who in her private life had never had stormy relationships and never a discussion or a quarrel at work.

No one, for friends or clients, could have wanted her dead. No one, according to the testimonies collected by the investigators of the weapon, would have had a reason to hurt her. Especially the roommate who, coming back home on February 4th, at first he thought she was sleeping.

Then, when she entered the room and noticed her lying on the bed still dressed apart from her shirt, tried to call her but to no avail. When she turned on the light, she noticed blood from her mouth had stained the sheets and sounded the alarm.

Giovanni Amato, 42, was subsequently arrested for Johanna's murder. In October 2018 he was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

A 42-year-old Italian, Giovanni Amato, was arrested by the Carabinieri in execution of an order for custody in prison issued by the magistrate of Monza because he would have killed a 43-year-old Peruvian transsexual on 4 February in Cinisello Balsamo, in Milanese. The man is accused of aggravated voluntary homicide. The weapon used by the killer is a small "pen-gun".

The victim had been found by his roommate on the bed, with blood coming out of his mouth. The coroner had ruled out a violent death in the first instance. The autopsy then confirmed the presence of a small gunshot hole on the back and the investigations of the Carabinieri of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) have revealed that the weapon used by the killer is just a small pen-gun.

The man arrested, Giovanni Amato, is a 43-year-old garbage collector: the arrest was made by the Carabinieri of Sesto San Giovanni (Milan). On the day following the crime he and an accomplice were also responsible for the robbery and gunshot wounding of a 35-year-old Chinese man, who owns a bar in Segrate (Milan).

Johanna's murder was not recorded on the official TDoR 2018 memorial list released by Transgender Europe (TGEU) in November 2018.

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