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E. Carrell Ray

Age 70

19 Feb 2018
Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)

E. Carrell Ray

E. Carrell Ray and her housemate Zakaria Fry went missing on 18th January. Bloodstains were found in their home.

Note that Zakaria’s sister identified E. Carrell Ray to be a non-transitioned transgender woman, but E. Carrell Ray’s family denies this is the case.

On 31st January their case was classified as a homicide by detectives from the Albuquerque New Mexico Police Department, and on 19th February a Santa Fe rancher discovered one of the bodies in a garbage can on his ranch.

Authorities reported that both victims were male but the witness claims the body he found (presumably this was Zakaria) was female. The second victim (presumably E. Carrell Ray) was found about 2 miles away. Both died from blunt force trauma to the head and face.

On 1st March the police arrested arrested 32-year-old Charles Spiess and charged him with two counts of murder.

2 Bodies Found Confirmed to be that of 3rd and 4th Transgender Murders of 2018

Zakaria Fry and Carrell Ray had been missing since Jan. 18, 2018. Ms Fry was out to everyone including her family as a transgender woman who rented a room from Ms Ray. Britney Willis, the sister of Ms Fry tells us “the roommate, [her] name is [male name omitted] Carrell Ray and [she] is also transgender.” The children of Carrell Ray went to investigate after some time had passed without any contact from Ms Ray. Det. Drobik tells us “They found the home in disarray suggesting to the police that Carrell and Zakaria could be in danger, by Jan 30th we were sure that we were looking at a body retrieval rather than a missing person. A missing person report was filled but authorities and family members feared the worst.”

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