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Kimberlys Ochoa

Age 19

24 Feb 2018
Barquisimeto, Lara (Venezuela)

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Kimberlys Ochoa
Kimberlys Ochoa [photo:]

Kimberlys was beaten and thrown into an open grave at Bella Vista Cemetery.

After being discovered unconscious on the morning of Thursday 22nd February she was taken to hospital but died 2 days later.

Kimberlys had transitioned when she was 15.

Yamileth [her mother] says that when it was 6:00 PM on Wednesday, Kimberlys sent her a message explaining that she was at the Passenger Terminal in Barquisimeto, and that she could not find a bus to go to Yaracuy.

“My daughter sent me a message that she was waiting for a bus, but he did not find any, I worried and told her I was going to wait, but my cell phone was discharged because she had taken the charger,” he said. At dawn on Thursday she went to a neighbour’s house, borrowed the cell phone battery and received a text message from Blayerson sent at 9 o’clock on Wednesday evening. “Mom, I’m still in the terminal, I still do not get a taxi. I’m afraid because people look at me as if they want to hurt me, “the young woman wrote.

Without wasting time the lady got on a bus with her two-year-old daughter and arrived at the passenger terminal. Desperate she went to the bus stop that goes to Yaracuy but there they informed her that they did not know anything about her daughter. “As I did not have a ticket, I returned to Yaracuy, but on Friday morning my family supported me to look for her and we came to the hospital and found her in emergency,” she said.

Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & La Prensa Lara, 27.02.2018

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