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Val Eventos

Age 34

11 Mar 2018
Cujubim, Rondônia (Brazil)

Val Eventos
Val Eventos [photo:]

Val was shot in the back and fell near her car. In the midst of the shooting, an elderly man who was talking to the victim was shot in the leg and ran away from the scene.

Her killer, a passenger aboard a motorcycle, has not been identified.

The [transwoman] [Deadname], better known as Val Eventos, 34 years old, was shot dead on the night of last Sunday (11), in front of a beverage distributor located in Sector 1, Cujubim (RO), in the Jamari Valley. According to the Military Police (PM), two suspects approached on a motorcycle and made three shots in the direction of the victim. A 62-year-old man, who was talking to the victim, was also shot.

According to the police report, the military was informed that witnesses heard the sound of gunshots fired in the area and went to the address to verify the information.

Upon arriving at the scene, the PM came across the fallen victim with gunshot wounds to the back and found that [she] was lifeless. Moments later, the elderly man approached and told him that he was talking to Val when two suspects approached on a motorcycle. The passenger pulled out a firearm and fired three shots in the direction of the victim, who [collapsed] near the car that belonged to [her].

The elderly also commented that one of the shots hit him in the leg area and, even hit, ran from the scene to prevent him from being hit by more shots. The pair fled the scene and no one was able to identify the offenders.

The PM isolated the area and activated Ariquemes' technical expertise to carry out the investigative work. The victim's body was released to the funeral home on duty. The case was registered in the Public Security Unit (Unisp) Cujubim, where the Civil Police will investigate the case. The victim acted as a hairdresser and promoter of events in the municipality.

Political life According to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Val Eventos ran in the elections twice, but none of them got enough votes to get elected. In 2014, Val ran for State Representative, but got only 182 votes. Already in 2016, she pleaded for the position of councilwoman of Cujubim, but with 91 votes won she had 1.12% in the result and was not elected.

Report added: 31 Jan 2022. Last updated: 6 Apr 2022

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